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Social Networking

Twelve years old, so far, the combined LEGENDARY SURFERS library has grown to become the largest online surf history collection available anywhere in the world.

Now, we enter a new phase as we open the collection up to you for your additions, comments, corrections, observations, ruminations, suggestions... just about anything as long as it pertains to the history of surfing, it's heroes, heroines and culture.

I look forward to the closer communication!



P.S. Please see the sidebar entries in aqua for the social network and join in!

( Malcolm, June 2008 )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have joined up - aloha from England! Pete Robinson (www.thesurfingmuseum.co.uk)

December 04, 2008  
Blogger Senor Pescado said...

right on, cool runnings Malcolm
you the man

your newsletters get me by, here in Carolina, until I get back to every day water time in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Ecuador, and Colombia

gotcha linked on www.hodadette.com,
of course--por supuesto,

December 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for an old friend who happens to be an old surfer -- anyone know how to get in touch with Mike McLellan? I am a friend from his Utah days. Katherine 917-837-9613.

December 22, 2008  

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