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KMET FM History

KMET History:

[ACX] KMET FM History


Anonymous Bob B. Blue said...

Hi There,
Ran across your site through Google while searching KMET-FM. I just want to take a quick moment to try to illuminate the terrain in which we find ourselves currently deployed. As an on-air person there in the late 70's I should mention that KMET-FM was not exactly free form. It was formatted. That being said, it was also a loose format (more so than any other station in LA) that allowed the jocks to have enough freedom on the air to be creative (what a concept) and sound free form. That, along with the ability to have a lot of input at our weekly staff meetings, largely attributed to its huge #1 ratings in LA. A better example of a true free form progressive rock station is KNAC-FM 105.5 where I was on air 1970 – 1977. KNAC-FM actually had no format at all. We could play or do anything we wanted to do... and we did. Including bringing in folks like Frank Zappa or the Firesign Theater and talking with them for the whole show blitzed out of our minds. Anyway, those days of radio are long gone and probably will never return in any meaningful way. Thanks for your site and Blog. Hope you will get the KMET-FM link fixed soon. I would love to explore it. Peace and respect. Bob B. Blue

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Chris J Crawley said...

bob b. blue!! I worked with you at KMET in 1977. I also knew you at KNAC through John Clark.

I worked at KMET from 1973 to 1978 starting as a production assistant and moving up to assistant chief engineer for Metromedia, which owned KMET and KLAC - the country AM station.
What made KMET enjoyable for its listeners was its broad playlist and its unique personalities who gave LIFE to AOR radio. I especially enjoyed working with people like the late B Mitchell Reed, Richard Kimball, Mary Turner, Shadoe Stevens, Jimmie Rabbit, Jim Ladd, and Jimmy Witherspoon. We aired live "remotes" featuring artists such as Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Bob Seeger, and Robin Trower. Some were from the Record Plant, others from such venues as the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and The Roxy. I also produced the Dr Demento Show for 3 years.

Thank you to all the dj's and musicians I met over those years for some very fond memories.

Chris J Crawley

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Crawley: I am making a documentary film about the history of KMET and LA rock radio in
the 1970's and 80's. I see from the website that you did some work there. Do you have any any archival photographs or videotape material from your days at the station? I would be very interested in looking at whatever you have.

I can be contacted for more details at:
213-880-2062 cel

- Bart Lipton
- Director/Producer

Anonymous Warren said...

I have lots of KMET airchecks from 1968-77 e-mail me if anyone is interested?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to LA radio as I was growing up, first KRLA, then KFWB and finally XERB and KMET. I listened to the wolfman and then BMR and Elliot Mintz. I remember the night KMET launched free form radio and the first song was the Doors Light my Fire (what was the date?). Later hearing the generation gap and firesign theatre and david ossman reading the tales of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada. It was great radio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>I remember the night KMET launched free form radio and the first song was the Doors Light my Fire (what was the date?)<<<

WRONG. The first song played by BMR was a Beatles song in June 1968. It is mentioned in a new book.

Anonymous Radio Pal said...

I Grew up In So.Cal, and grew up on KMET. I Remember hearing, amoung other memorable things, a then unknown parade music artist named "Weird Al Yankovik" play, "Another One Rides The Bus" live on the air from the KMET studio. I also remember at least two or three occasions when KMET either got fined by the FCC, or even had they're broadcast license suspended for brief periods of time, for mis-conduct of some kind, that happened to slip out on the air, because some-one had disabled the sensor delay, if memory serves me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We miss the Mighty MET. Please bring it back....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall hearing Wierd Al the first time on KMET / Dr Demento show..played "Belvedere Cruising" live with an accordian while he was a teenager.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there everybody"i grew up with kmet,i would always stay up late at night partyin with my friends listing to the heavy meatal hour kmetl..i sure miss those days:i still have the music recorded on tape and concert stickers

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember back in the mid-70's DEA started spraying the pot fields of Colunbia with an herbicide called paraquat, ostensily to assist in eradicating the importation of weed in this country. there was a reporter called something Kelly, who soon acquired the moniker "paraquat Kelly", that read updates on program. had a real cool little guffaw after comments. i'm sure many listeners remember it tho

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In high school (76-77) I hung out at KNAC doing odd jobs for pay. Carting spots and updating the PSA folder and mostly hanging out in the production room fucking around with tapes and practicing recording my voice.

The first time I snorted coke was at KNAC. FUN.
Thanks, Lloyd.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

KMET Day is coming to 100.3 The Sound "Finally a KMET Friday" July 10th.

KSWD 100.3 fm in Los Angeles, a fairly new station has hunted down the most talked about radios station heroes on Los Angeles and have decided to turn the airwaves over to them once again.

Former DJ's Ace Young and Jeff Gonzer will start the day off, Rick Scarry, David Perry, Jackson B Snyderfish, Paraquat Kelley, Dr. Demento will be doing shows.

We have soooooo much sound from back in the day.

More KMET friends will be dropping by during the day including Sam Bellamy our KMET program director. It's going to be great!!

The station can also be heard online at don't miss it.

This is a monumentous day by popular demand and has been a request and petition on Facebook for months now as the former members of KMET have begun accumulating online in Facebook. They finally made it happen.

Hope you join us!

FACEBOOK: cherielynnae

Anonymous The Long Legged Pony said...

I am so JAZZED to hear that the Mighty Met will finally be coming back - even if only for one day, it will truly be a little bit of heaven.:)

KMET is the station I grew up listening to, and what those guys and gals were doing made me want to be in radio in the first place when I was just a kid!

Now I've been in radio for 20 years (was lucky enough to start out my career at the last freeform rock station on the Oklahoma prairie, KKLR/KTNT - airchecks of that station are available at the link by my name) and really have those great people at KMET to thank for giving me so much inspiration.

It will be so nice to hear all of their voices again! Can't wait until July 10th!!!!:)

And also a big thank you to the commenters above who shared their own stories of working in LA radio during those golden days.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember one of the joke at 5: " Why did GM invent the the tilt steering wheel? More head room.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to 13 hours of KMET on 100.3 the Sound. What a great reunion day hearing many of the Mighty Met DJ's and also listening to Clips from the past. It brought back SO many great memories and made me realize just how far KLOS has fallen. It's about as far from KMET as it can be and still be considered rock. Thank you 100.3 The Sound for a great journey into the past!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

KMET was the best radio I was at mike harrisons live at the strip we left a time capsel that we all put things in it should be relesed soon it has some wils stuff in it,


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