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Inspired by the writings of James Willard Schultz (Apikuni), I've put together -- in one location -- links to resources for Wisdom and Ways of Our People. The site is still in construction mode, so bear with me. Your help identifying broken links will be greatly appreciated! Please report broken links by emailing Malcolm.

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Appreciations go out to Robert Harrold, who let me lift most of the following links from his website at: Robert's Native American Links Site.

  • AIROSIndian Radio Stations LocationsListen to AIROS speaker iconAIROS Indian News Links
  • NNN Daily small speaker image
  • Native America Calling small speaker image
  • WOJB-FM Live Stream (including non-native programming) speaker icon
  • Indigenous Radio (ABC Australia - includes non-native programming) speaker icon
  • Iqaluit Radio News (CBC News, Canada) [not functioning?] speaker icon
  • CBC News: Yellow Knife (Canada) [not functioning?]
  • CBC News: Whitehorse (Canada - includes non-native programming) speaker icon
  • Native Radio [functioning?] small speaker image

  • Print/Electronic Media:
  • Native American Public Telecommunications (parent of AIROS)
  • U.S. Department of the Interior (BIA)
  • Indian Country Today (online newspaper)
  • National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)
  • National Native News (NNN) • NNN Headlines
  • Indian Country Today (online newspaper) • Indian Country Today (homepage)
  • alter•NativeVoices (Denver)
  • Cherokee Nation News
  • Earth
  • KNBA Native LinksKNBA Music Links
  • Harrold's Native American News Links
  • Indigenous News (Pacific News Service)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Online (ABC Australia)
  • ABC Australia (ABC Australia)
  • Native American Times (OK Indian Times)
  • NativeWeb Media & News Links (
  • WWW Virtual Library - Native Americans (media links)
  • Web News Digest
  • Top News (
  • Wotanging Ikche (Current Issue) of the Native American News (weekly)

  • Search Engines:
  • NAI Search Links (
  • NAI Search Links (
  • NativeWeb
  • Native Traditions Search

  • Jobs:
  • Google Search Engine: Native American Jobs links
  • Harrold's Jobs Links

  • Links:
  • 10 Largest American Indian Tribes, 2000 (populations by tribe)
  • Fourth World Documentation Project (documents on indigenous cultures) [src: Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)]
  • Actors, Native American
  • Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians & National Monument Designation (27Nov00)
  • American Historical Images Online (Meso-America - 1990)
  • American Indian History & Related Issues: North & Central America, Mexico; and Related Links (CSULB, AIS)
  • American Indian Lawyers Association, aka the 'National Native American Bar Association' (NNABA)
  • American Indian Library Association (AILA) (Lisa A. Mitten, 'Choice Magazine')
  • American Indian Library Association Scholarship
  • 700+ Other Native and Minority Library and Literature Organizations and Resources

  • Links:
  • American Indian Resources (Native American links and E-texts: Culture, Education, History, Issues, Languages, Literature, Nations, Representations in film/TV 1939/1995, Studies, Texts) (Osaka, Japan) [link src: Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)]
  • American Indians (history, traditions, famous NAs)
  • American West, Native Americans
  • General NAI Links
  • Education
  • Past Leaders
  • Nations Home Pages
  • Organizations & Gov't
  • Past Ghosts
  • American Indians and the Natural World (surfnetkids)
  • Animation: Compare dates by US Counties forming westward - 1650-Present
  • Animation: Compare dates by US 48 States forming westward
  • Animation: Growth of a Nation (teacher guide) 10Min/56Kbs
  • Anthology of Native American Internet Resources (links)
  • Armed Conflict: Apache, 1860-1883
  • Art - Heard Museum, Native Cultures & Art
  • The Native American Fine Art Movement: A Resource Guide (pdf format) download free pdf reader)
  • Artists & Musicians
  • NAI PR
  • Arts, humanities and culture (
  • Authors: Literature, Bibliographies
  • ISLMC NAI: lesson plans, online texts, student/teacher, extensive)
  • Authors: Titles
  • Tribes (N. Am., Bibliographies/Biographs, Internet Public Library)
  • Arizona: Native American Recognition Days (NARD) (October Events Calendar, Scheduled Times, Contacts email/numbers/addresses)
  • BIA, Office of Trust Responsibilities, Technical Services
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • BIA - Tribal Gov'ts
  • BIA - Inter-Tribal Org.
  • BIA - NAI History & Culture
  • BIA - Tribal Laws
  • BIA - Other NAI Links
  • NAI Virtual Library on the Net
  • Program Council
  • Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Council
  • Native American Nations, alphabetical
  • Books, full text and eTexts online (including traditional & true stories, children's & adult, library & literary resources, comics, newspapers)
  • c.1620, relationships with Mayflower/Pilgrims (photos, histories, language, biographs)
  • California Casinos - Nationally
  • California, Early History, Santa Barbara & Southern, Pre-1900 (Chumash & other chronologies, articles, links)
  • California Indian Tribes & Groups (Ca. Historical Society)
  • California, Southern; Biograph: Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885) (NAI Rights Activist, author: "Century of Dishonor" & "Ramona"; pseudonym H.H.H.)
  • California School Boards Association, American Indians in California & California's Public Schools
  • FAQs
  • Demographics
  • Indian Education Centers, California
  • K-12, Recommended Reading List
  • Search
  • All Titles (English) 2359+
  • Native American Resources on the Internet, Index (
  • Native American Nations (
  • American Indians & Alaska Natives
  • National, International (non-gov), & Federal Education Programs, State & Territorial
  • Cheyenne Dog Soldiers (source: GreyWolf & Willow's Lodge) [links]
  • Cherokee - James S. Huggins' Native American Links including: Cherokee/English dictionary, Code Talkers, cookbook, Leonard Peltier.
  • Cherokee, Alphabet (by Sequoyah) [src: The American Forefathers byTacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"
  • Cherokees for Educators:
    [Bibliography] [Organizations] [Biography] [Periodicals] [History] [Arts & Literature] [Related Sites] [Powwows]
  • Cherokee: A Gift of "Talking Leaves" (at Illinois Campground, 12Jul1839, GEORGE LOWREY (Sequoyah), President of the Eastern Cherokees and GEORGE GUESS, President of the Western Cherokees) [src: The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"

  • Chiefs:
  • Chief Black Kettle (Cheyenne, b. ?-27Nov1868, see "Sand Creek Massacre") [" We Want the Privilege of Crossing the Arkansas to Kill Buffalo"]
  • Chief John Ross (Cherokee, b.3Oct1790-1Aug1866) [" By peace our condition has been improved in the pursuit of civilized life." and "Brothers: By Peace Our Condition.." and "The Cherokee people stand upon new ground spoken at Tahlequah, Oklahoma Territory, 9Oct1861."]
  • Chief Kintpaush "Captain Jack" (Modoc, b.1837-d.3Oct1873) ["I have said yes, and Thrown Away My Country.]
  • Sequoya [src: The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"]

  • Chronologies:
  • Children, Native American Website(s) for (K-5) [Cheyenne, Inuit, Kwakiutl, Navajo]
  • Chronology, American, 1492-1962, date list (
  • Chronology to 1969, Native American Literature (

  • Links:
  • Chumash (NA links, src: St. John's Catholic School, Brunswick, Me.)
  • Code Talk, federal inter-agency information for NAI (US Dep't OHuD) [alt]
  • Councilfire:
  • Contemporary Speeches
  • Do You Speak Cherokee? (TsaLa Gi S Hi Wo Ni?) [A Talking Clock]
  • Historical Speeches, Opinions, Observations
  • Israel (Izzy) Cohen - Anthropomorphic Maps, Message Posts
  • Legends, Stories, & Poems
  • Links, NAI
  • Medicine Lodge
  • Midi Music Juke Box
  • Native American Foods & Recipes
  • Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act of 1993 & Amendments
  • Native American Treaties (1778-1868)
  • News - American Indian & Canadian First Nation
  • POW/MIA, Councilfire's Adopted
  • Reflections of Traditionals & Elders (White Swan Oyate)
  • Send a Native American Greeting Card (with music options)
  • Today in History (searchable)
  • Treaty History & Procedures
  • Tribal Constitutions
  • Unratified Treaties & Agreements (1792-1883)
  • U.S. Code Title 25 - Indians
  • Wheeler-Howard Act (The Indian Reorganization Act; June 18, 1934)
  • Yankton Sioux Tribe Resolution, June 8, 2001

  • LINKS:
  • Culture/History Links/Curriculum/Lesson Plan (K-8)
  • Culture, Native American (categorized portal, annotated links)
  • Culture, Native Americans (course background notes, U. Texas; 15,000 BP [before present] to now) (Amerind languages, Arawaks, atlatls, Aztec, Chan Chan, Chibcha, Chichimeca, Chimú, Cuzco, Guaraní, Inca, Mapuche, Maya, mestizaje, mestizo, Moche, Náhuatl, Pampeans, pyramids, Quechua, shamanism, Tenochtitlán, Teotihuacán, Tiahuanaco)
  • Curriculum: Native Americans and Other Indigenous Peoples
  • Hanksville: Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - WWWVL American Indians
  • Field Trips, Native American (source: Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MDUS)
  • Dartmouth U. Native Links
  • Defense Link (U.S. military - Armed Forces Links related to Native Americans)
    Ira Hamilton Hayes, Iwo Jima Flag Raiser, full blood Pima
    Medal of Honor Recipients
    WW II
    Korea (historical and contemporary)
  • Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians (link src: Cowboy Net: Native Resources)
  • Evaluating American Indian web sites (UofAz.) [link src: American Indian/Native American Resources by Will Karkavelas. Osaka University, Japan]
  • Environmental Office of Water, American Indian (by region & tribe, US EPA)
    Tribal Contacts (committees, governments, organizations)
  • Famous People Involved in Native American Conflict (1829-1932)
  • Federally recognized California Tribes (map, links)
  • First Nations History (summaries/history of 50 Tribes of North/Eastern US)
  • First Nations Site Index (links to AIM to Wounded Knee & lots between)
  • 240 Compact Tribal Histories (contact to c.1900) [src: First Nations History]
  • Flags of Native Peoples of the U.S.

  • Gathering of Nations:
  • Home Page & Main Index
  • Education
  • Miss Indian World
  • Multimedia small speaker image small TV set image A Speaker GIF Image
  • News, Native & Indian Country
  • Powwows & Native American Events and Calendar
  • Screensavers, Free Downloads

  • Gambling, Gaming:
  • American Indian Gaming & Casino Resources on the Net (
  • California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA)
  • Native Gaming Resources - Tribal Court Clearing House) [also see law below]

  • Games, Kids Stuff:
  • Indian Dwellings Mix & Match (source:
  • Indian Tribes Word Search (source:

  • Genealogy:
  • Genealogy Links
  • Genealogy: Finding Native American Ancestors, Native Roots (Lisa A. Mitten)
  • Cherokee by Blood - American Indian Searches, Story Histories - Links
  • Cherokee Eastern Nation, Western, NC, US - Genealogy Information
  • Cherokee & Native American, Home Page,,TN, US (Marylyn Letson's Genealogy Links)
  • Cherokee & Native American Genealogy Links
    NAI Embassy
    Site Directory
  • Cherokee & Other American Indian, Native American Genealogy Related Sites
  • Harrold's Genealogy Links
  • Native American Genealogy
  • Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet (
  • Native Nashville's Links to Online Native Genealogy Data Sources

  • Geronimo: The Autobiography of Geronimo (This is the original text of the autobiography of Geronimo, chief of the Apache tribes of New Mexico and Arizona) [link source: (American History)]

  • Gods & Godesses, Deities:
  • Aztec (colorful sun wheel)
  • Incan
  • Mayan
  • Gods, Heros, and myths (many Native North American, South & Central, Eskimo)
  • Google's (search engine) links to Directories of Native American resources
  • Government Services Administration (GSA, U.S. Federal) Policy Toward Native American & Alaskan Tribes
  • Graves Registration, Inventory of NAI Human Remains & Associated Funerary Objects within the Campbell Collection, Joshua Tree National Monument, Twentynine Palms, Ca (NPS, DOI)
  • Great Moon
    Indigenous Thought

  • Health:
  • Health, Well-Being, w/Teacher & Public Health Aids (
  • Health News (source: NAPT [Native American Public Telecommunications]) (Native America Calling radio programs, general health resources, past issues)
  • Herbal Remedies, Historical

  • Central and South America:
  • History, Civilization
  • Latin America
  • Ancient America, chart (Mesoamerica, Andean from the Paleo-Indian 30,000-8,000 BCE to c.1500 AD)
  • Paleo-Siberian 52,000-13,000 BP to c.1400 Iroquois Great League of Peace
    North America
    Middle America
    South America
  • History, Chronology, Americas 1200 B.C.E. to 1836 A.D.
  • History Links
  • History, Native American
  • History, Native American & Cultures (documents, links, issues, timeslines, maps, flags; tribes, Anazazit, Pueblo/Puebloan, Apache, Arapaho, Arctic Peoples, Cheyenne, Chinook, Choctaw, Comanche, Creek, Delaware (Lenape), Iroquois Nation, Kiowa - Miami - Micmac - Mohawk)
  • Meso & Latin America (Aztec - Toltec - Olmec - Maya - Inca, Mound Builders, Navajo, New England Tribes, Nez Perce, Oneida, Sioux, Texas Indians, Ute; languages & writing, housing, art, literature, totems & symbols, animals, religion & beliefs, astronomy, food, medicine, famous NAs, wars, Indian Removal, Trail of Tears, Dawes Act, military history, Wounded Knee, Alcatraz, AIM, genealogy, stereotypes, tribal areas) [src: Osborn, Tracey. "Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History"]
  • Teacher Oz
  • How are prehispanic calendars interpreted?
  • TONALAMATL = "Page of Days " in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs (src: Victor Mendoza Grado and Ricardo J. Salvador)
  • Culture and Society of México
  • Images (people, photos, places, stories, SW America, NAI)
  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
  • Search (from WWW Virtual Library NAI Indices of the WWW VL Index)
  • Academic
  • Archeology
  • Activism
  • Announcements, Pow-Wows, Festivals, Lectures, Courses, Seminars
  • Art Related Theater, Traveling, & Online Exhibits
  • Artists
  • Authors & Books, Online, Journals, List of w/NAI Content, Libraries, Presses
  • Bibliography
  • Business, for-profit, commerce commercial
  • College
  • Culture
  • Education
  • eText Online, Full Text Books, Articles, Writings, Scholarly Documentary, Newspapers, Journals
  • Gaming, Gambling, Wagering
  • Geneology
  • Galleries
  • Government, U.S., Canadian, Agencies, Bureaus, Treaties, Legislation
  • Health, Well-Being, w/Teacher & Public Health Aids
  • History
  • Home Pages, K-12/K12, Personal, College
  • Indigenous Astronomy, Math, Science
  • Jobs Employment Links
  • K-12/K12
  • Languages, U.S., Latin A., Other
  • Legal, Law, Indigenous, College Programs, U.S., Canada, Latin A.
  • Media, Radio, TV, Printed, eZines
  • Movies, Films, Actors
  • Museums
  • Music
  • Nations
  • Organization, NAI
  • Organizations, Non-Profit, Fund-Raising, Grants
  • Student Organizations, Financial Aid, Support
  • Teachers/Teaching
  • Video, Films
  • Other, Religious, Clip Art, Specialized Information Services, Discussions, UseNet NewsGroups, relevant non-Native

  • Sources:
  • Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains, Online Image Database (searchable photograph database: Link source SBC's Blue Web'n Library
  • Indigenous Peoples Literature - Index
    (Greetings (Americas, Pacifica, Mexico, Mexican & Indian Stories, History, Documents, Quotes, Speeches, Tribal Links)

  • Sources: Indexed Links to NAI Web Sites (Konstantin, Phil) [also, see below: '..on this date..']
    (Search + Indian Moons, Days, & Calendar/Date Info + Tribal Names & Meanings; extensive, organized)
  • Indigenous (North, Central, Latin, South) Web Sites (3271+ Categorized Links) (
  • Indigenous Peoples: A Treatise (Charles Scheiner,
  • InfoPlease Index of 100+ NAI web sites
  • Internet Resources, Native American (source: ISLMC)
    Historical Documents & Online E-Texts
    Author Pages
    Study & Teaching
    General Sites
  • Images/Backgrounds for Windows/Web Pages
  • Graphics
  • by Lorrie
  • Geolor's Links to NAI Pages
  • Internet Public Library (IPL) - Native American Authors(including bibliographies, biographs, links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites ) [link src:]
  • Iroquois, The Constitution of the [c.1390, 1450-1500 AD]
  • About the Iroquois Constitution (src: OBI)
    [ The original Five Nations were:
    Mohawk: People Possessors of the Flint; Onondaga: People on the Hills; Seneca: Great Hill People; Oneida: Granite People; Cayuga: People at the Mucky Land; and the Tuscarora: Shirt Wearing People who became the Sixth Nation. ]
  • Kids Stories, Various Tribes, Related Links (K-8)
  • Laws Library, Indian (
  • Law: Native American - Courts, Regulations/Statutes, Organizations, Resources, Related Links, Native American Tribal Web Sites (
  • Law and Web News Digest (
  • Law, Legislative, Law, Rights, Indices to other Links, Repatriation & Burial
  • Legislative & Supreme Court Watch
  • Law: Tribal Law and Policy Institute
  • Tribal law, codes, federal/state relations
  • federal laws, pending legislation, & relations
  • state laws & relations
  • Law Program Resources
  • Native resources
  • Legends of Our Times: Native Ranching and Rodeo Life on the Plains and Plateau (K-Adult) (link src: SBC Knowledge Network)
  • Lesson, Culture: Native American (
  • Lesson Plans - Native American (ISLMC, NAI)
  • Lessons: Native American Theme (worksheets, printables, K-6 by grade)
  • Lessons: Native American, 5th Grade Links (Greentown Elementary, North Canton [Ohio] City Schools)
  • Libraries, Tribal, useful web sites for (src:
  • Maps, GIS Windows on Native Lands, Current Places, and History
  • Maps of Federally Recognized Indian Reservations (src: FEMA, NAI Links)
  • Mayan
    Calendar & Date Calculator
    Culture & Games
    Instructional Matericals
    Languages & Syllabary
    Virtual Palace Tours [ download virtual player for MS/Mac ]
    (More Online Links to: astronomy, Aztec, codices, codecs, languages, maps, Mayan, mesoamerican, & precolumbian, & virtual tour web sites)
  • Mayan Astronomy
  • Medal of Honor Winners
  • Megasites, Internet: Native American (Multnomah County Library)
  • Meso America & Tiwanaku & Tiwanakan/Bolivia (search results from
  • Meso and Latin America (maps, timelines; Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, Aztec, Inca, Olmec, Toltec, Indigenous Peoples)
  • Music, Midi (Elan Michaels)
  • Music, Native American Music and Video Archive (NAMA)
    NAMA Music Awards, annual (music & video archives, plus Annual Music Awards)
  • Music, Native American music styles (categories: artists, bands, dancers, drummers, flute, folk, Native rock, radio, story telling) [src:]
  • National American Media Festivals & Competitions/Non-Competitive (film, video, cinema)
  • National Archeological Database: Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
  • National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)
  • National Indian Law Library (src: Native American Rights Fund)
  • Native American Association of Germany e.V (in English)
  • Native American Constitution & Law Digitation Project & Legal Resources (law, OKU., NILL)
  • Native American Documents Project (CSU, San Marcos)
  • Native American Government & Treaties (+ NAI Links)
  • Native American Embassy:
    Nations & Tribes
    Museums & Culture Centers
    Federally Recognized Tribes
    Native American Holocaust Museum
    NAI Links
    Site Directory
  • Native American Fish & Wildlife Society (publications)
  • Native American Homeschool Association
  • Native American Indian PlentyStuff (home)
  • Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)
  • Native American Reference Books (Studies Collections & Native Links (Stanford)
  • Native American Religion in Early America (c.1700's)
  • Native American Resource Center, U. North Carolina, Pembroke
  • Native American Sites on the Internet (Lisa Mitten, U. Penn.)
  • Native American Studies Resources
  • Native American Times Newspaper (alt)
  • Native Americans of the Salton Basin-Colorado Delta (Central Southern California)
    (Anza Borrego; Cahuilla & the Agua Caliente (Palm Springs), Morongo (Banning), Ramona, & Santa Rosa (Hemet) Bands; Cocopah: Mexican & Yuma Branches; Colorado River Tribes; Dieguneño; Kumeyaay (Anza Borrego); Mission Indian Bands: Augustine (Banning), Cabazon (Indio), Cahuilla (Anza), Los Coyotes (Warner Springs); and the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla)
  • California Indian Pre-Contact Tribal Territories
  • Native Americans - Internet Resources (bibliographies, directories, etexts, documents, authors, study/teaching, history) (
  • Native Celebrities
  • Native Languages of the Americas (Preserving and Promoting Native American languages
  • Native Peoples of Baja California, Articles, Links
  • Native Peoples of California (Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, US)
  • Native Peoples of North America (Cabrillos College)
  • Native Nashville
  • Language Tutors, Native American
  • Tsalagi (Cherokee)
    Muskogee (Creek)
  • Native Village (Native youth, education, news)
  • (NAI portal)
    Nations Index
    Indigenous Resources/Nations by Geographic Locations
    Search (4K+ resources, Indigenous)
  • 'Congressional Gold Medal' to the original 29 'Code Talkers' and 'Silver Medals' to about 300 Navajo soldiers who followed the 29 to the Pacific Theater during WWII.
    Navajo Code Talkers, WWII, Cyptology, Secret
    (Jack Hitt)
    American Essays (MSNBC, 1999)
    FAQs 1
    FAQs 2 (military, DOD)
    Dictionary (declassified)
    History, Photos, Essays (Profaca)
    Spy News)
    G.I. Joe Talker Figure
  • Native Languages Revitalization Resource Directory
  • Language Programs (NLRRD)

  • Native Links (news, education, military, sports, business, culture; Alt)
  • News & Culture (
  • Oneida Nation, One of the original Iroquis Confederacy (supported American Independence, 360 degree images/photos, exhibit)
  • Organizations (NAI PR)
  • Native American Indian - Online Electronic Text Resources [Full Text Articles & Books]
    Books & Literary Resources, Libraries, Presses, Reviews
    Media, Newspapers, Comic Books, Documentary Photos, Radio/TV
  • Ojibwe Histories and Narratives ( Treaties, Native American Policy & Law, Sovereignty, Oral History)
  • Anishinaabe Language, Stories & Storytelling, Native American Schools [online & residential], Leaders, Maps & Geography, Environmental Issues, Native American Knowledge, Seasons: Calendars & Time, Arts & Crafts: Birch Bark Canoes & Crafts, Maple Syruping, Wild Ricing, Pow Wows & Dance]
  • Fond du Lac Cultural Center & Museum: clothing, artifacts, old photographs, virtual tour
  • Oklahoma Tribes and Officials (link src: Cowboy Net: Native Resources)
  • On This Date in North American Indian History (Phil Konstantin's 8000+ categorized Links to American Indian Dates, Tribal Names/Meanings, Moons, Days, Calendars, Maya Ruins/Photos, Cherokee Nation Enrollment Procedures)
  • Pocahontas (Algonquian, born c. 1595, named Matoaka) [source:]
  • Recipes & Herbal Links (The Bear's Byte)
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Sage - All You Wanted to Know and were Afraid to Ask
  • Records on Microfilm, American Indian (National Archives and Records Administration, NARA)
  • Religion, overview & readings
  • Religions & Spirituality (src: Native American Studies)
  • Resources on the Net
  • Sac & Fox Nation (link src: Cowboy Net: Native Resources)
  • Sand Creek - Northern Cheyenne Sand Creek Massacre Site Project (November 29, 1864, Sand Creek Massacre, Southeast Colorado) [Cheyenne Chiefs at Sand Creek 1864 including:
    Chief Black Kettle (b. unk-d.27Nov1868)]
    Timeline: 1864-2001)
    Pontiac: Two Speeches (27Apr1763 & Aug1775) [src: The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"
  • Scholarships, Native American
  • Sequoyas, Alphabet (src: The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"
  • Sobobas Tribes; San Jacinto, California (from "Legends & History of the San Jacinto Mountains", 1926 by K.P. Frederick)
  • Shelters from the plains, mountains, forests, Arctic (modern, prehistory)
  • Shelters, housing; tribal, regional & NA links (US, Alaska, CA, Carib)
  • Shelters, pre-history (MNSU)
  • Sioux, Lakota Nation, Four Tribes (Cheyenne River Lakota Nation) [Mnicoujou, Itazipco, Sihasapa, Oohenumpa] (NA Links)
  • Small Business Administration, Native American Affairs (U.S. gov.)
  • Smithsonian Museum: Native American Resources, Exhibits, Recommended Reading
  • Song Catcher, Ms. Frances Densmore (recordings/photos online)
  • Studies, Stanford U. - NAI Web Sites
  • Storytellers - Native American Authors Online [link src:]
  • Surf the Net with Kids: Native American Educational Sites (e.g. Pocahontas)
  • Technology, Culturally Related, Crafts, Language
  • Thanksgiving, "The Shocking Truth" (excerpt from "Where White Men Fear to Tread", author: Russell Means)
    The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"
  • Thanksgiving, Some Native American Thoughts (source: GreyWolf)
  • Timeframes, Topics, Resources, Forums + Graphical Chronology

  • Timelines:
  • Native American (1200 BC - 1836 AD) & Historical, 1800-present
  • Teotihuacan Pyramids, City of the Gods en Español" (And, in English from (Mexico City)
  • Theodore Walker, Jr.'s Online Resources concerning Native America
  • Timeline, NAI, 1200 BC-1836 AD
  • Tisquantum (Squanto), Biography/History of (c.1605-1622)
  • Traditional Stories, Legends, and Myths
  • Treaty of Greenville, The
    ([concluded August 3, 1795] A treaty of peace between the United States of America, and the tribes of Indians called the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pattawatimas, Miamis, Eel Rivers, Weas, Kickapoos, Piankeshaws, and Kaskaskias.) (src: OBI)
  • Tribal links (
  • Tribal Directory - Mainland - Alaska - Links to Tribal Gov'ts - NAI Organizations & Fed. Gov't. Sites - National Congress of American Indians   (NCAI)
  • Tribal Names & Their Meanings
  • Tribal Web Sites
    (Native Telecom (NAPT) [AIROS]
    Artists & Musicians
    Native American Organizations & Web Sites
    Other Web Sites Linked to NAPT
  • UC Native American Indices & Internet Links (University of California)
    (Cautionary note: The terms "Native" and "Native Indian" as opposed to "Native American" are used in this U.C. site and in that regard, Negro ethno-centric links may be co-mingled.)
  • UW Native American links
    ( Found using the ht/Dig web/internet search engine software. )
  • U.S. Census: American & Alaskan Native Populations
  • U.S. Military History, Native American [medals of honor, codetalkers, traditions] (USN)
  • University of South Dakota: Native American links
  • Veterans, Native American (plus Medal of Honor Recipients & WWI Choctaw Code Talkers, WWII Navajo Code Talkers, Ira Hayes)
    src: The American Forefathers by Tacha Hanepi Wi "Moon Deer"
  • Victim Programs to Serve Native Americans
    ( text, National Criminal Justice Reference Service [NCJRS, DOJ] )
  • Websites, Tribal (NAI PR)

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