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Aerial View

Photo courtesy of Woody 

Woolworth, shot Winter 


Big Wednesday, December 13, 1995

Rincon Point, "Big Wednesday,"

December 13, 1995. 
This was the day OOP earned his 

"Big Wednesday Medal of Honor,"
when he attempted to paddle out on 
his bodyboard, during lunch. 

He never got out. 
Photo by Kathy Aviakian, courtesy of 

Tim Maddux.

Mussel Shoals, December 12, 1995. Taz & OOP surfed it that morning. It was big and hairy, but a more forgiving session than the one OOP and Taz had here a couple of weeks later, when Taz's leash broke and his board was last seen getting munched by the rocks. Taz almost got munched, too, but hugged onto the leeward side of large rocks and thereby averted mortal danger.. OOP had a good time watching him from the sagety of land. Photo courtesy Tim Maddux.


Rincon Historical

Santa Barbara lifeguards at the East Beach bathhouse, 1940

(left to right):
Enos Dias, Jimmy Court, Loyal Strife, Lawrence O'Brien, 
BILL MULLER (Rincon Rider), and Dick McClaine. 
Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Magazine .

The Indicator and Rivermouth at Rincon Point,

better known as "Four Mile" in the late 1930s. 
Photo taken in the 1920s, courtesy of Santa Barbara Magazine. 

GENE NAGLE (an early Rincon Rider) and Reggie Glahn

display lobster and abalone 
taken off Padaro Lane, early 1940s Santa Barbara. 
Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Magazine.

Kemp Aaberg

doin' a classic arch at 
Rincon in the 1960s.

Photo courtesy 
of Surfer magazine.

George Greenough surfing Rincon in the 1960s.

Photo courtesy of Mad O.


Ryncon Ryder Photos

Ryders at our Grunion Beach Party,

August 1995 
Clockwise from the top left:

Miya, Vogue (both holding towel), 
Shark, Maynard(r), Ariel and OOP.

Our Capitano Taz commuting to work.

Lisa "RAd" Schreiber
posing infront of "the RAd Spot"

Soylent Green, Da Muse and Das contemplate the paddle-out at Jambala, November 1996

Ryder Watusi "Virgin Sacrifice" Party, Rincon, 1997

Maynard(r), in Kahoona robe, sacrifices theWatusi Virgin...




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